Global Oentry*
Passport Program

noun  |  oe-no-phile  |  \ ˈē-nə-ˌfī(-ə)l \  |  a lover or connoisseur of wine


Global Oentry Arrives
September 28

Global Oentry arrives Thursday, September 28 and departs on Wednesday, December 20. Every Thursday for twelve weeks we will feature a new Shuttle Flight - three half-glasses of wine - from a different wine region of the world. The Global Oentry Passport Program will show off wines from California, Washington & Oregon, Beaujolais, Northern Spain, Portugal, Greece, Italy, New Zealand & Australia, Moldova, South Africa, Chile & Argentina, and Germany.

Global Oentry Passport Perks

  • Global Oentry Passport holders receive 15% off all regularly-priced glasses of wine, Shuttle Flights (including all the flights for this program), cocktails, and dinner menu items. 
  • Global Oentry Passport holders receive a choice extra half-glass of wine from each week's Shuttle Flight.
  • Global Oentry Passport holders can purchase reduced priced tickets to special events held at The Pursuit during the program.
  • Global Oentry Passport holders who complete the entire program will receive a complimentary bottle of wine.

Get Your Global Oentry Passport Today

Global Oentry Passports can be purchased now online at a reduced price of $60. Starting September 21, Global Oentry Passports can continue to be purchased online for $75. Global Oentry Passports will be distributed at The Pursuit starting September 28. 

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